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We're one of the fastest growing non-profit, non-governmental, community based organizations in Lagos-Nigeria.


One of the core ideals of the Initiative on Sexual Health and Rights Initiative is to advocate for an enabling environment at the community, state and national levels that ensures the functionality of all persons irrespective of age, linguistic or religious affiliation, ethnic origin, functional disability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, marital status or any other circumstance affecting the private person. We are one of the fastest growing non-profit, non-governmental, community based organization headquartered in Lagos State, Nigeria. Sexual Minority Persons are forced to deal with the effects of many discriminatory legislation which very many often seeks to criminalize their behavior. These laws and resulting fear of discrimination, violence, and arrests further prevent them from accessing health and Human Rights services. Not only are these Person suffering from various forms of health challenges such as but not limited to HIV/AIDS, STIs, they also suffers from varying degrees of Human Rights abuses and simultaneously difficult to reach with appropriate interventions.

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We're a team of hardworking Nigerians passionate about changing the narrative for Sexual Health Advocacy for Minorities in Nigeria

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