One thing ISHRAI as an organization have been able to achieve in the community is the ability to build their capacity in human rights and empower members of the community so that they can be productive with their time in life and to also make impacts in the society at large.

So far, so good, today ISHRAI in it’s capacity have been able to empower 10 communities with Skill acquisitions, Tools, and also they’ve groomed Paralegal and gender focal persons who in turn will help in the sensitizing other community members on information bothering on their fundamental human rights and how to go about unlawful acts done to community members/arrest.

The key reason(s) behind ISHRAI’s interest in empowering community members came as “an idle man is the devil’s workshop”. Therefore, the need to engage community members in gainful activities with the sole motive of curtailing the rate of blackmails, sexual harassments, Kito, mental illness, unlawful detention/ arrest of members and above all give members a sense of belonging and by extension reduce the rate of unemployment in the community.

All these were brought to reality all thanks to The American small grant, and we at ISHRAI know and believe that the few empowered/ impacted community members are happy with the new knowledge gained and therefore will become productive; not just to their habitats alone but to the Nigerian state and gradually to the universe.