One out of every three LGB individuals in Lagos and Ogun states have had their rights violated based on their perceive sexual orientation and gender identity with little or no reprieve from the law. Unfortunately, these individuals also suffered all this inhuman treatment almost on a daily basis and as a result of that; they are susceptible to mental and psychosocial breakdown with no access to any palliative care.
It is interesting to also note that perpetrators of this heinous evil against LGB individuals cut across every strata of Nigerian society, including state and non-state actors. And they often go unpunished. The situation is further compounded on the ground that many LGB individuals in Lagos and Ogun states are not fully aware of their basic fundamental human rights and the true interpretations of the various national and or states laws. Also, there is a general dearth of information surrounding mental health and or lack of mental health programming for the community.
Project HRMH-LGB: The Project Human Right education and mental health awareness for LGB individuals in Lagos and Ogun states; a flagship project initiated by ISHRAI with support from ISDAO seeks among other things to provide a holistic human rights education; including paralegal services, pro-bono legal representation and mental health awareness; including palliative mental care services and referrals targeting LGB individuals in Lagos and Ogun states respectively. The project also seeks to provide some remedial structural interventions such as stakeholders’ advocacy and engagement, media round-table, LGB parent symposium with the bid to rewrite the negative narratives about LGB individuals.
DURATION: The project will last for the period of 8 months
COVERAGE: Lagos and Ogun States